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King Salmon
(May 15 – July 31)

The Kenai River produces the largest King Salmon in the world, including the current world record of 97 lbs., 4 oz. Every year there are King Salmon that enter the Kenia that would break the world record. We know this from Fish and Game surveys, commercial fisherman and past experience. We will give you every advantage from specialized top quality fishing gear to an expert guide with years of successful fishing and guiding for Kings. The King season ends July 31 with occassional extentions into early August.

Silver Salmon
(July 15 – September 31)

Silver Salmon, known for their acrobatic leaps and hard fight, also swim in the turquoise water of the Kenai. Kenai Silvers run in August. Other more remote rivers teem with these beauties as early as mid July. There's nothing quite like a fly-in trip to a river boiling with Silvers.

Red Salmon and Pink Salmon
(June 1 – August 15)

The highly sought after Red Salmon, revered by gourmets and fishermen alike run from June to early August. Many Kenai Peninsula rivers abound with Pink Salmon in August of even numbered years.

(May 1 – September 31)

Another reason anglers fish the Kenai Peninsula is for the trophy size Halibut in the Cook Inlet. The record Halibut was pulled from the Cook Inlet waters weighing over 400 lbs. It is not unusual to catch Halibut in the 100 lbs. range.

Man with King Salmon
Group with Silver Salmon
Men with Pink Salmon
Group with Halibut